by Gavin Heverly

Ok. We aren’t delusional. We know our walls are not the tallest in the industry. Or even in the Boston area for that matter. But what we WILL brag about is our route-setting. Maxim Zolotukhin, our head route-setter is probably the most passionately obsessed route-setter in the country. And I am not kidding. Then there’s Donny “Hot Karl” Martin. Who has been setting here at the gym for what seems like forever. He cares so much about the quality of his routes, and how much the customers like them that it’s almost a problem. Myself, I have been route-setting for something like 8 years. And I basically consider it to be one of the most scientifically challenging art forms in existence. Anyhow….Maxim will be talking more about the BRG’s route-setting philosophies in a later post.

For now…let’s talk about the HUGE volume holds we just got this morning. Ranging in size from 12″ to FOUR FEET across, these things will be *sick*. Don’t believe me? Come see the masterpieces Max and the rest of our pro-setting team whip up with them for yourselves.



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6 responses to “SIZE MATTERS?

  1. Gecko M.

    Not to be a spoilsport, but last I was there, most routes were months and months old. They’re nice but I can’t imagine going there often when the routes don’t change regularly.

    • Gecko M…..Why dont you shoot me an email, I’d love to give you a free one month membership to come in and let us prove you wrong. If you were here during the summer, that might be part of what you were experiencing. Generally speaking, our routes stay up for about 8-9 weeks. This is what our customers have told us that they prefer. Most people need time to work on routes. During the summer, they stay up for probably closer to 10-12 weeks as our head routesetter is traveling during the summer months. But during that time, we still have two setters in the gym 3-5 days a week and there is ALWAYS something new going up.

      My email: gavin@bostonrockgym if you are interested in that free one month membership….

      • Tom

        Routes are changing up and getting updated a bit.

        How about moving one of the auto belays around every once in a while too? would love to get an auto belay into that back room where there are so many steep climbs! These are the most frequently changed routes too.

        Or, maybe positioning an auto belay over by those granite cracks. Then I wouldn’t have to punish my belayer every week!

      • We are fairly limited on where we can put the Auto-belays. Unfortunately, we can’t only base the placement on awesome climbing features, but also on what is safe. When managing the risk for the auto-belays, we mus think about swing, landing area, etc. Most of the places you mention would either involve too much swing potentially in to other walls, or a tightly packed landing zone where on a busy night, we can have people flying off the auto-belays in to belayers on the ground.

  2. Stel

    Looking for info on the Heart of Steel? Are you doing it this year? I’d love to put it in my calendar. (spectator, not a climber)

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