Well, after weeks of insanity, design, re-design, re-re-design, color picking, hold purchasing, construction, noise, long hours, re-re-re-design, flooring discussions, renovations, debates, re-re-re-re-design, and labor….OUR NEW BOULDERING WALL IS DONE AND OPEN. It debuted at our seminal yearly HEART OV ZTEEL event to a blown-minded crowd of enthusiasts and climbers. And for the last few weeks since the comp, the wall has been set with just under 20 boulder problems from V0-to VGnarly and is ready to be climbed! In addition to the sick new wall which boasts a 17 foot lip, and is 28 feet wide, we also made a big investment in an amazing custom flooring system from Futurist Climbing. Many of you may be a little wigged out when you come in and see a huge tall highball wall like this with no crashpads under it. But we assure you, the 14″ thick, seamless custom flooring system from Futurist Climbing is the best landing you could ask for! This flooring had just as much thought put in to it as the wall itself. There is not a flooring system like it in the Northeast! Unlike most commercial gyms with carpet bonded foam and drag mats, this flooring system greatly reduces the possibility of turned ankles on uneven edges of drag mats. We are happy to be able to offer this increased risk management to our die hard bouldering fans, because believe us when we say this wall is tall! Let these pictures by our good friends at ASA PHOTOGRAPHIC speak for themselves:

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