Flying High: Taking Yoga to New Heights

Ever dream of flying high? Now you can! Beginning September 12th, 2012 we’re offering Aerial Yoga classes, a beautiful art form of yoga on circus silks taught by certified instructor Andrea Isabelle Lucas. Aerial yoga is designed to incorporate the balancing and stretching components of yoga with the strengthening and exhilarating components of aerial arts. Bored of the same workout routine or just want to try something new? Adding aerial yoga to your routine will loosen tight muscles and increase flexibility, build strength and stamina, tone your core and improve balance and coordination, allowing you to reach new fitness heights.

Instructor Andrea Isabelle Lucas has over five years and thousands of hours of experience teaching yoga, barre, and other fitness classes at various locations throughout Greater Boston including Equinox, Exhale and B Yoga. She completed training in Circus Yoga and Rasamaya Aerial Yoga, and has performed occasionally with a small circus troupe since 2009. Holding a B.A. in Women’s Studies and Holistic Wellness from Lesley University, Lucas is a lululemon ambassador for Boston’s Prudential Center store. She recently participated in a trip to Haiti with the non-profit yogaHOPE to study the use of yoga to heal trauma. With her expertise, Lucas will teach students how to blend traditional yoga with the unique physical training of an aerial acrobat. For more info on Andrea, visit

Aerial yoga lessons are offered as semi-private classes on Wednesday mornings at 10:30AM & Thursday evenings at 7:30PM beginning September 2012. Don’t think you’re strong enough? Not to worry. The class will include a yoga warm-up and stretches at beginning and end in order for our students to safely work on their flexibility. Rock climber or not, aerial yoga technique will completely transform any workout routine by adding new dimensions and turning your world (literally) upside down.

Pre-registration is necessary. For more information visit our website at

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