Back to School Special!

Fall is here, but don’t fear because its “back to school” time. Now through October 1st, 2012, the we’re offering a seasonal sale on a variety of classes proving that there are more ways to embrace the beautiful fall foliage than apple-picking and pumpkin-carving! Whether climbers are joining for the first time, returning for more adventure, or kids in need of a good time, there is a class for everyone looking to get out and experience the great outdoors. Climbers can enjoy a variety of classes including: Introduction to Outdoor Climbing, Top Rope Set-up or Family Introduction to Outdoor Climbing for only $95 per person and $110 per person for non-members, per class, all regularly priced at $120 per person for members and $135 per person for non-members.

Kids can build on their climbing skills, learn lifelong skills and stay active at our indoor gym with this special 5 punch kids climb pass for only $85, normally priced at $125. Great for after school, a rainy day or a weekend activity, kids climbs are available Monday through Friday from 3:30PM-5:30PM and Saturday & Sunday from 10:30AM-12:30PM. *Please note: pre-registration for kids climbs is necessary and can be done by calling us at (781)-935-7325. Walk-ins the day of the session are not allowed.


Get Out: Intro to Outdoor Climbing

A full day introduction to outdoor rock climbing– perfect for those that have never climbed before or have indoor experience only! Experienced instructors will cover all of the basics including tying knots, appropriate climbing gear, proper climbing techniques and rappelling. Please check for class schedule. Outdoor courses run through late November.

Family Intro to Outdoor Climbing

Our experts know how critical it is for children to have FUN when they first begin climbing outdoors. This Family Intro to Climbing course is focused less on the technical aspects of climbing, and more so on the experience. This class will teach children and their caregivers the basics of outdoor climbing while giving them an experience they won’t forget! *Available for groups of 2-5 (minimum of one adult), for children fourteen and under. Please check for class schedule. Outdoor courses through late November.

Top-rope Set Up and Management

This course teaches climbers to set up basic top-ropes so that they can climb on their own. This class is perfect for  scout leaders, camp workers and others who are interested in being able to climb independently while furthering their outdoor climbing knowledge. Please check for full schedule. Outdoor courses run through late November.

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