Get Out! Outdoor Climbing Courses

Whether you’re an experienced climber or a beginner, want a solo workout or a fun day with the family, we offer the perfect outdoor experience for adventure enthusiasts. If one of these five courses doesn’t fit your schedule or isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, then Boston Rock Gym will work with you to set up private, semi-private, or group lessons tailored to whatever it is that you need. Climbers of any skill level can check out to see a full list of offered classes, summaries, and pricing.

Get Out: Introduction to Rock Climbing

Start the summer off with an “Introduction to Outdoor Rock Climbing” excursion led by a Boston Rock Gym expert. The class is perfect for those that have never climbed before or have indoor experience only! Experienced instructors will cover all of the basics including tying knots, appropriate climbing gear, proper climbing techniques and rappelling. Available as private, semi private, or group classes. Courses available in Hammond Pond (Brookline, MA), Quincy Quarries (Quincy MA), Pawtuckaway (Raymond), NH and North Conway, NH.

Family Introduction Courses:

When children first learn to climb it’s critical that they have FUN! Boston Rock Gym offers a family intro course to climbing that focuses less on the technical aspects of the ascent and more on simply climbing. Available as group of two to five with an adult (or two) and children fourteen and under. Courses available at Hammond Pond (Brookline, MA).

Top Rope Set-Up and Management

This course will teach you how to set up basic top-ropes so that you and your friends can be climb on your own time without needing any other assistance. Available for scout leaders, camp workers and any others who are interested in furthering their knowledge of outdoor climbing. Available as private, semi private or group classes. Courses available in North Conway, NH and Pawtuckaway (Raymond), NH.

Learn to Lead Trad

A course that will teach you how to lead any kind of climb. Boston Rock Gym instructors will supervise and help as you build the skills you need to be on the sharp end including rock protection, placement & removal, route finding, leader falls, belaying with placett and setting up anchors. Available as private or semi-private classes. Courses available in North Conway, NH.

Now What: Improvised Self-Rescue

Learn the skills that will get you (and any fellow climbers) back to the ground quickly and safely in an emergency. Learn how to escape the belay, how to rappel with an injured partner, improvised ascension, ascending or descending to your partner and haul systems. Available for private, semi-private or group classes. Courses available in North Conway, NA and Pawtuckaway (Raymond), NH.


Get Out This Summer

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  1. I’ve always wanted to learn to rock climb, so this is super helpful! I didn’t know there was such a wide variety of courses to look at! I will have to check them out! Thanks!

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