Late Summer Sale

Our late summer sale has reached new heights! Starting this month, sign up for an annual prepaid membership for only $480 (that’s $120 off) or a one-year EFT membership for $40/month with a $25 initiation fee (that’s $30 savings!). Don’t want to climb alone? Bring the family with our annual prepaid family membership for $900 (normally $960) or one-year EFT: $75/month with a $25 initiation fee ($35 off!)

Feel like you’d be stuck on the ground? Not to worry, our intro class is on sale for you and a friend during the first two weeks of this month (offer expires August 14th, 2013)! $58 for an intro lesson for 2 people—that’s two for the price of one!Late Summer Sale 2013


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2 responses to “Late Summer Sale

  1. Jen

    With the $40 membership, can you cancel any time or is there a cancellation fee?

    • Hi Jen,

      There is.. With the 1 Year Contract EFT you are committed to 12 months at the rate of $40. You can pay an early cancellation fee of half whatever your remaining contract is to get out of the year early.

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