BRG Staff visits Red Rocks in Nevada

After a snowy New England winter, it’s no surprise that seven of the BRG’s staff members are heading south for some warm climbing at the end of the March. The Red Rocks in Nevada is located west of Las Vegas and will be hosting BRG staff members for some incredible climbing.

Having climbs of many different skill levels, the area is ideal for the various skillsets of the staff. Though traveling separately, Sarah O’Donoghue, Alex Smith and Jessica Rothrock have goals of conquering Epinephrine, an 18-pitch climb in Black Velvet Canyon.

Meanwhile, Che Cooper plans to spend most of her time working routes at the civilization crag, since her group has wide variety of skill levels.

“I’m stoked about the range of routes to climb. I trust (Todd) my climbing partner to lead everything we’ve got on our bucket list, but there are things easy enough for me to lead as well.” Che explained that with limited outdoor climbing experience, she’s excited to make the best of the variety of climbs available to her.

“The great thing about Red Rocks is that it’s the best of all worlds!” Jenny Bruno, head instructor said. “There’s multi-pitch, both sport and trad, as well as bouldering all in one place.”

Jenny and her partner Bob Evans, a BRG belayer, have a tall order of climbs they plan to tackle, starting with Prince of Darkness, which was recommended to Jenny by BRG owner, Chris O’Connell. The 6-pitch 5.10c climb in Black Velvet Wall is one that Jenny is most excited about.

Having never visited Red Rocks before, much of the research for Jenny and the other climbers has been done on and through various guidebooks of the area. Through research, Jenny decided she was going to continue on and climb Olive Oil, a 6-pitch 5.7 on Rose Tower in Juniper Canyon.

With a huge stack of climbs that the BRG employees are attempting, we decided to ask what gear they would be bringing. Alex Smith and Jessica Rothrock made sure to bring a set of cams, nuts and quick draws but also mentioned bringing a crash pad, since there are a few bouldering spots as well. Jenny and her group are bringing a full rack also, including big protection for some of the larger cracks on their climbs.

Stay tuned for a follow up post with the epic stories our employees return home with!

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25 Years of Climbing at The BRG!

Boston Rock Gym was excited to celebrate 25 years this August with it’s members and close friends. Originally in Somerville Massachusetts, The BRG moved to it’s currently location in 1994 after a fire in its first location.

With it’s new owner, Chris O’Connell keeping the gym moving forward for the past eight years, The BRG is constantly making changes and improvements to better suit it’s members. From adding new features and bouldering areas to renovations and new programs, the gym is making every effort to better serve its members.

To celebrate this milestone in The BRG’s history, we kicked off the weekend with a parking lot BBQ, dyno competition and raffle. The BBQ was well attended by members, friends and families all who share the same passion for climbing as The BRG team does.

In the spirit of climbing outside, Chris led a meet up at Red Rocks in Gloucester, MA for some outdoor climbing and an area clean up. A cool summer day was filled with climbing some of the staff’s favorite climbs in Gloucester with a nice break to enjoy a potluck lunch.

The future is never certain, but if one thing’s for sure The BRG is looking forward to the next 25 years of chapters in it’s book of climbing history! Stay tuned for more information about the evolution of The BRG and the exciting events we host each month!